our services

Our Services

We provide training, consultancy, and technology implementation services in the following service areas.

Resource Efficiency & Cleaner Production

Industrial Operations Management

Productivity Improvement

Project Feasibility Assessment & Management

our offer

Our Offer

Deep understanding of the context of our clients.
Relentless effort to explore options with our clients.
A proven approach that ensures the effectiveness & sustainability of implementations/ interventions.

the zels way

The ZELS Way

In all our consultancy and capacity-building packages we deliver at ZELS, we follow a general framework called the ‘ZELS Way’. This is a method designed by our company to enable sustainable outcomes in all our services/ interventions. The rationale behind the ‘ZELS Way’ is that for any organization to thrive there is a need for deeper philosophies (principles) as to why the operations/ business needs to exist in the first place. These philosophies (principles) shall then be instilled in the major enablers in the organization (leadership, strategy, operations, people, partners & resources). Then, a successful deployment of a strategy, incorporating all the enablers, can be ensured by aligning the enablers with one another, through monitoring & measuring the overall performance continuously by using appropriate performance indicators and thus making necessary improvements. Last but not least, the relentless practice of the above by an organization shall be complemented by culture building through behavioral transformations which cement sustained overall performance.